THE KING OF POP : Fiorucci

It was 1984 and while our mates were collecting football players and cartoons cards, we were collecting Fiorucci ones!

Each picture send us into his world made of Pin Ups and retrò looking Angels such as those in famous logo, and so many other things...

Looking through the album there are pictures in contrast : some of them are ironic, vintage 50's style (robots and spacecrafts ),some are taken from comics  ( we remind you that Fiorucci is the first to use Disney pictures on t-shirts and sweatshirts) , others are more "fetish" with brilliant and extreme colours or provocative to get more attention on brand....

More than an actual fashion designer Fiorucci has been a big "Cool Hunter" and he managed to join fashion to exploding pop culture and to Art.
At the Studio 54 opening, entrusted to him and his team,  artists such as Grace Jones and Andy Wharol are guesting and in 1984 to Fiorucci's party for 15 years activity is invited a young and (almost) unknown Madonna.. ( He's a talent scout for sure! )

Connection to Art get stronger when Fiorucci takes on Keith Haring to a" happening" paint session not in an art gallery but in his shop which has been one of the first to be multi-store where clothes were sold together with accessories, gadgets and various origin objects. 

Fiorucci has been able to find new trends and new ways to bring young fashion to public (importance of packaging is primary for his brand ) always trying to intrigue and stimulate curiosity with fun and irony.. a fashion but mostly a marketing lesson that can't be forgotten in this" ideas crisis" moment as the one we are living now.

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