Here we are after a while!
Today we are opening a new section : "TRIED AN PURCHASED"

Sometimes it happens that a dress looking charming and lovely in the window shop doesn't give desired effect once worn ...but sometimes something you have rejected because unattractive as you try it on in the dressing room becomes a real surprise. 

This is the case : a viscose jersey short dress from Promod that 's fits well also on who is not a 38 size top model . I can assure that it highlights curves hiding some imperfections too!

Promod proposes it in more than one patterns: from classic pois to multi colours geometries as in Missoni style.
I hope this can be a good hint for shopping on approaching sales period.

Just to complete the look i give you my suggestion for shoes: natural leather sandals with plateau...I've tried those too and despite high heels I can assure they are quite comfortable!