Nonostante Marras: Suspended time

Saturday morning : we explored Milan less flashy but no less interesting, and after a brunch and cupcakes (which is so chic just to say) we stopped at “Nonostante Marras” shop in Via Cola di Rienzo.

Behind the anonymous main entrance of an austere and elegant building, passing through a small courtyard you enter in the world that has no time: furniture and sofas reminding of 40ties and 50ties , perfectly matched with furnishings such as lamps and vessels that look like the ones that in our youth we found in the homes of our grandmothers or aunts.

A big black and white picture of a lady immediately struck me. It’s like a family portrait that I was use do see when I was a child. : Images of past times when elegance was the everyday as the fashion department store me was still far away to me and the seamstress was most often a person of the family.

 This unique atmosphere perfectly fits for Marras's clothes; a tailoring that goes back to the 50's with details and perfection of packaging that leave amazed. Beautiful photographic prints, patterns and colors.

Sincerly it's nice to see that there is someone who can "make" fashon using fabrics and traditional lines .
In a world where so many people shout "visually" with their collections, Marras's clothes are like a whisper for women who want to feel feminine and elagant a d tasteful without any kind of vulgarity.

 Add to this an interesting selection of books, ranging from design to narrative, placed in a structure of drawers turned into shelves, and accessories such as the designer Tomoko Tokuda that turns dials of old clocks in "timeless"jewels .

When your are here , time seems to be suspended" , past and present come together, leaving a sense of serenity and warmth, feelings that are not usually felt in modern fashion showroom.

It is worth visiting if only to savor the atmosphere and, in this case words are not enough to decribe this little perfect world.



Here we are after a while!
Today we are opening a new section : "TRIED AN PURCHASED"

Sometimes it happens that a dress looking charming and lovely in the window shop doesn't give desired effect once worn ...but sometimes something you have rejected because unattractive as you try it on in the dressing room becomes a real surprise. 

This is the case : a viscose jersey short dress from Promod that 's fits well also on who is not a 38 size top model . I can assure that it highlights curves hiding some imperfections too!

Promod proposes it in more than one patterns: from classic pois to multi colours geometries as in Missoni style.
I hope this can be a good hint for shopping on approaching sales period.

Just to complete the look i give you my suggestion for shoes: natural leather sandals with plateau...I've tried those too and despite high heels I can assure they are quite comfortable!


TODAY'S APPETIZER : welcome Spring!

Finally Spring has arrived in an official way and what is best than celebrating it with a resin flowers and pearls necklace in paste colours? It is a triumph of femininity and desire for warm and flowering days as only Spring can give. Keep on eye on this italian brand NO.NU which is really interesting! 

necklace NO.NU



Today we suggest a sleeveless top from Replay with japanese styles print.
Colours are really beautiful and the volant on side seems to give volume to printed flowers too!
We especially like the asymmetry at print and neck , because sometimes there is more beuty in imperfections rather than in flawless shapes!


LOOK OF THE WEEK - Capri Style

Colours are absolutely protagonists in Summer 2012! there is so much to chose from printed fabrics and solid ground colours as well.

Today for the LOOK OF THE WEEK we combine pink and orange with white, gold and little small touches of black.

The main piece is a baroque-printed ( such as Versace's print in the '90 ) sleeveless shirt from D&G : orange and pink are mixed with architectural patterns while chinos trousers in cotton (Met) are solid pink colour.
Absolut white for the crepe jackets from Mc Queen which has fitted shape and important shoulders.
To complete the look we have a Borsalino-style hat ( Accessorize) in straw and small dotted printed fabric and very precious gold shoes from Valentino. 
As accessories there is a fluo orange watch from Morellato and gold hyper-geometric bracelet (Asos).

Where did I got inspiration for such a sporty-chic look? From Capri obviously! and I can already guess being on a terrace overlooking the sea at the sunset while drinking a cocktail!

A final advice ; if you don't feel comfortable in combining too many colours ; make it safe using only one strong colour and use black or white for the other pieces. You can't get it wrong !


TODAY'S APPETIZER - Pretty Ballerinas

Sprint is (almost) arrived and as every year Ballerina shoes blossom as flowers!
Shape is timeless but colours and accessories make them new and up to date year after year!
Here it is a sample, from Pretty Ballerinas collection, with very bright colours with the characteristic bow in cord : they are perfect for a young and sparkling look!

Pretty Ballerinas


Glam Dèco

It's well know that Fashion has the habit of repeating itself and it's almost recurring that trends from past decades are re-proposed on runways season after season.
For Spring 2012, the "retro" inspiration comes from the world of Art dèco.
In between the '20 and '30 Dèco is one of the first cross-over fashion trend : it involved fashion, architecture, design, jewelery and graphic arts. Inspiration is heterogeneous : new modernistic expressions as jazz music and industrial innovations, tribal print and "primitive" arts, strong use of colours by fauvism. That all creates a mix that has evolved in many directions united by zig-zag lines combined with generous curves and linear shapes more fluid than before.

Here we propose Designer from today that have readapted, following they own features, this trend from the past:
Armani with his minimalism chooses bi-colour : black outlines underline flowing but rigorous shapes and futuristic details ( Déco loves metals and laquers ) that keep us hanging between past and future.

Emporio Armani SS2012
Art Déco Armchair

Fashion Illustration

Alberta Ferretti instead uses shapes and decorations Déco but she makes them hiper-modern through pure and brilliant colours without any contamination.  Inspiration to that period gowns and geometric shapes is palpable but final effect is absolutely current.

Alberta Ferretti SS2012

Gown By Paul Poiret
Fashion Illustration

Geometries on Chrysler Building

Etro is for sure the designer that dare to mix shapes and colours creating vibrant combinations with references to african paints, fauvism and expressionism colours and somehow to jazz music too.

Etro SS2012

Illustration by George Barbier

Painter Tamara De Lempicka

And finally Gucci wich is the one that makes Dèco trend even more opulent using gold in contrst to back and white. Gemetrics are even more evident and result is really really luxurious: prescious as a jewel by Lalique.

Gucci SS2012
Lalique Jewel
Art Déco Vase

Maybe it's because I've alway been fascinated by fancy from '20 and '30 but I'm looking forward to find in shops something from this trend for a chic dive into past!!